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Global Van Lines® is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and is one of the largest international full-service moving and storage companies in the world. It was founded in 1933 as Howard Van Lines and is now part of the Allied Van Lines Group.


Global Van Lines has its main office headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a presence all across the United States as well as in 27 foreign countries including remote locations such as Puerto Rico, New Zealand, China, Brazil, India, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Philippines, and the Virgin Islands.

In-Depth Look at Global Van Lines

Worldwide, Global Van Lines excels at customer service and reliability. The mantra of the company is that they are dedicated “to providing modern, reliable old-fashioned care”. Global prides itself as an entire team that functions with customer satisfaction as its core business goal — working together from the packers to the truckers to the warehouse people, to the estimators, to the franchised agents. Everyone at Global Van Lines aims to “provide exceptional value and highly personalized service throughout every phase of each and every Global move.”

Global Van Lines offers some excellent international moving tips including ways to save money on your international move:

  • Don’t pack anything you don’t currently use as it will only add weight to your moving costs.
  • Hold a garage sale or donate items to local charities to help save time and money.
  • Pack properly by packing each box fully and closing it tightly using packing tape. This allows the boxes to stack neatly creating more space for other items.
  • Mark boxes clearly by designated room so that these can be grouped together or unloaded accordingly at their final destination. This will save time and, in turn, money.

Global Van Lines has plenty of other helpful tips available as guides that can be downloaded from their website.

Global also has one of the most sophisticated and accurate estimating systems in the international moving industry. Global’s quotes are 100% guaranteed and backed by a reputation that was over 80 years in the making. Global employs a combination of computerized calculations blended with the years of personal experience from dedicated estimators. A quote from Global Van Lines can be “taken to the bank”.

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