My Way Storage

My Way Storage

My Way Storage is a relative newcomer to the modular moving and storage industry. They started in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2008 and focused on serving a niche market of economical do-it-yourself movers who needed to keep their moving and subsequent storage costs to a minimum.

My Way Storage responded to this demand by offering a one-size-fits-all approach that offers only one size of moving and storage container. It’s a simply constructed design of wood frame and fabric cover that’s mounted on a pallet and easily moved about with a standard forklift.

In-Depth Look at My Way Storage

The universal size is 8 feet wide by 5 feet deep by 7 feet high. That gives 40 square feet of floor area and 280 cubic feet of storage space. Each modular unit is designed for a maximum load capacity of 2,500 pounds.

My Way Storage’s concept is to keep things simple. Depending on the amount of goods calculated to be loaded and stored, My Way Storage delivers the appropriate amount of modules to the customer’s location and off-loads them flat on the ground with their delivery truck’s forklift.

The customer then loads at their leisure, doing their own packing. The truck returns and lifts the containers onto the deck, then drives the load to the My Way Storage warehouse where they’re forklifted into an assigned spot in the open warehouse. The customer later has easy access to their stored goods as need be.

The My Way Storage website publishes excellent reasons to choose their modular system over a conventional rental truck and individual storage locker system:

  • Convenience — There are no multiple trips of picking up, loading, unloading, and dropping off a rental truck.
  • Lower Rental Cost — There is less time and infrastructure involved.
  • Fuel Savings — The customer has no gas or diesel fuel to pay for.
  • Ease of Schedule — The customer can pack at will with no deadline to return a truck.
  • Ground Level Access — No inclined, dangerous ramps to carry on.
  • Room by Room Storage — One container per room can make a move much easier.
  • Maximum Protection — Universal-sized containers are designed to reduce movement during transit.

My Way Storage customer consultants are also available in person or by phone at any one of My Way Storage’s six franchised dealerships.