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Zippy Shell® was a concept developed in Australia by Gareth Taylor and Adam Gilchrist who proved the one-time load and unload approach to moving and storage was efficient and economical. In two years, they expanded the business model and built a large customer base, then sold the business as a “Master Franchise” to Grace Removals who is one of Asia’s largest moving and storage companies.


Zippy Shell is a unique and innovative system of mobile, modular shipping and storage. Goods are placed into the Zippy Shell container at their point of pick-up and remain in the same containerized module throughout their storage period. Once required, the Zippy Shell trailers are towed to the final destination and are off-loaded. It’s a perfect system in eliminating multiple handling of household effects or business inventory.

In-Depth Look at Zippy Shell

Zippy Shell USA was introduced in America in 2010 and is headquartered in Georgetown, near Washington, D.C. It now has over 50 franchised dealers in the States and retains its Australian and other international outlets.

What makes Zippy Shell unique is its design. The storage containers are part bin and part trailer. They are legal to tow and park on the street, unlike many other portable moving pods which have to be hydraulically placed by a large truck into an off-street staging position. Zippy Shells are light-weight and can be towed by a small pickup and parked curbside while the loading and unloading take place.

The stored goods never leave the Zippy Shell during storage. The loaded shells are wheeled into a warehouse and are easily accessible to the customer should they need during the storage time. Zippy Shells are also available to be stored long term right at the loading location and make them the ideal substitute for a storage shed or permanent outbuilding.

Zippy Shells come in three sizes. There’s a 10-foot model for small loads, a 15-foot one for medium moves, and a 22-foot trailer for large and long-distance transportation. Although lightweight for economical building and mobility, Zippy Shells can carry up to 4,500 pounds.

Typically, Zippy Shells are rented for a three-day loading period and then by the week or month for storage.

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