JK Moving Services

JK Moving Services

JK Moving Services is the third-largest independent mover in the United States. They have been in business for over 30 years and employ over 500 full-time workers with the highest employee retention record in the moving industry. All workers have their backgrounds security-cleared and submit to frequent and random drug tests.

Specializing in both national and international, full-service moving, JK Moving Services also has the lowest number of loss and damage claims as well as the highest rate of on-time deliveries at 99%. They have an exemplary safety record, encourage employee profit sharing, and were twice voted as the best company to work for by the Washington Business Examiner.

In-Depth Look at JK Moving Services

JK has a fleet of 160 large moving trucks that are GPS tracked and feature state-of-the-art communications and inventory control systems. The trailers and containers have a patented, heavy-duty “U-Line” locking system which ensures a high-level of security and safety for valuable goods during the move and in storage.

JK Moving Services also offers international moving tips, including a 10-week moving countdown which ensure you’re ready for the big day:

10 Weeks: Prepare international documents such as passports and begin getting quotes for moving services.
9 Weeks: Determine what you will be bringing with you as well as where your children will go to school.
8 Weeks: Identify the people and agencies who need to be notified of your move.
7 Weeks: Book the mover and gather your family’s medical records.
6 Weeks: Familiarize yourself with customs regulations and secure your insurance.
5 Weeks: Begin tying up loose ends by cancelling memberships and returning any borrowed items.
4 Weeks: Liquidate items you won’t be bringing by hosting a yard sale or getting items appraised for sale.
3 Weeks: Contact utility companies and pay outstanding bills.
2 Weeks: Eliminate perishable foods, secure child and pet care for the move day, and notify the post office of your new address.
1 Week: Pack travel bags including a 2-week supply of medications.

Estimating and guaranteeing costs as well as executing works for international moving is done by JK’s highly experienced and trained personnel. They work on a team approach that involves:

  • Move Consultant — An experienced professional who visits the site to be moved and assesses the logistics and the customer’s special needs.
  • Move Estimator — Who calculates the costs of packing, shipping, and/or storing goods.
  • Move Coordinator — A specific professional is appointed to stay on top of the move from start to finish and to liaise with the customer.
  • Move Planner — Also known as the time keeper, this person ensures every team member is in the right place at the right time.
  • Move Manager — The moves foreperson is always on site to ensure packing, loading, transit, and unloading is properly done.
  • Moving Crew — The workers who expertly pack, load, unload, and unpack the goods.
  • Moving Driver — Only highly-trained, certified, and experienced drivers are allowed behind the wheel of a JK Moving Truck.
  • Warehouse Crews — Only security-cleared warehouse people deal with customers goods while in storage.