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World Class Shipping is an international freight carrier that specializes in the import and export of all sorts of goods, whether it be household items, cars, trucks, yachts, machinery, or aircraft. They are also experts in the documentation that’s required for customs brokerage in every port around the world.


World Class Shipping primarily deals with sea and air freight. They leave the land movement of freight by rail or road to independently contracted trucking and railroad companies. They use standardized “sea-can” shipping containers in the 20 and 40-foot sizes for ocean-going freight as well as packaging goods to be shipped via air on airline-provided pallets.

In-Depth Look at World Class Shipping

World Class Shipping was started in 1984 in Valley Stream, New York, which is on Long Island. Its headquarters is conveniently and strategically located on the oceanfront in New York Harbor and adjacent to JFK International Airport. They also have sea and air terminals in Los Angeles, California, Dubai in the Middle East’s United Arab Emirates, and in the Eurozone on continental Europe.

World Class Shipping is an industry leader and a vital resource and service provider to exporters and importers worldwide. They are experts in processing complicated customs brokerage documentation that is unique to every port in the world to which they’ve delivered and picked up at during their 30+ years of international operation.

As a value-added service to national and international customers, World Class Shipping has a tremendous base of resources on its website that include:

  • Glossary of International Shipping Terms
  • Import and Export Checklists
  • Tips on Packaging For International Shipping
  • International Currency Exchange Calculator
  • Flight Mapper Tracking of Freight
  • Marine Traffic Mapping of International Ships
  • Cargo Capacity of Aircraft and Ships
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedules
  • Links to Government Importing and Exporting Regulations

World Class Shipping also provides individual quotes on the various shipping services they provide. These include air freight, ocean freight, import and customs, and auto and vehicle shipping quotes. Their quotes are based on distance shipping as well as weight and container sizes used. World Class Shipping’s team of logistics agents work with their customers to get calculate and confirm shipping costs in a timely manner.

As a world-class leader in international shipping of ocean and air freight, World Class Shipping caters to companies of all size and provides consultation and operations for a seamless supply chain solution.

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