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When moving to a new home or business, of course the do-it-yourself route is way cheaper. However, wouldn’t like you to take the extra stress out of moving, even if it costs you a little bit more? There is already so much you and your family are dealing with when moving. Having someone else come in and take care of the what is very labor intensive work seems like the most viable option.

Packing up years of your life can be a lot of work. Building boxes, using packing tape, and trying to keep it all organized seems like a nightmare. When hiring a moving company, you get to leave all of that for the movers. These movers will pack up you stuff, preserve it to keep it safe, load it on the truck, keep it all organized, unload it from the truck, and even help with reassembling items that had to be broken down for the move. The professional movers are there to help alleviate any stress from your move.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

Some may that think that a local move across town may be a simple day’s worth of moving with a rented moving truck, but when you actually start the packing process, you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly. Professional movers can keep things running smoothly, as well as keep your mind at ease knowing it’s all being done right. Here are a few reasons to hiring professional movers:

  • Planning ahead is easy – Sometimes last minute things pop up when moving yourself. Having a date and time already booked with professional movers makes the process go a lot smoother.
  • Your personal items are safe and insured – When moving personal and sentimental items, it is extremely important to pack them correctly in order to prevent them from being ruined. Professional packers know how to pack certain items, and have the proper tools and supplies to do so.
  • Having the right equipment – When moving yourself, you can oftentimes find yourself in search for an extra dolly or another box to store some extra items in. Professional movers have everything you need, as well as equipment that you may not even know you need.
  • Less of a risk – By doing the move yourself, a lot could go wrong. Having professional movers there to help along the way gives you a peace of mind that makes moving a lot less stressful.
  • Saves money in the long run – Of course, it will be more money than moving yourself, but these professional companies have tools and supplies at their disposal that will help you from having to incur last minute costs. No need to run out to buy more boxes or bubble wrap. The movers have all of that available for you at your convenience.
  • No heavy lifting – Having to lift heavy furniture can be dangerous for your health and your wallet. These movers make a living by moving your heavy furniture, and doing it in a professional and organized way.
  • Do it all in one trip – Nothing is worse than having to pack up the small car or truck multiple times and driving back and forth to your new location. Having to pack, unpack, pack, and unpack over and over again can become frustrating and exhausting. Hiring a professional moving company with a large truck lets you get it all there in 1 trip.
  • Experience makes it easier – They are called professionals for a reason. They have done this job many times before, and can be prepared for unexpected pop-ups.
  • Everything stays organized – Sometimes you can get lost in the overwhelming sea of boxes and forget to label one. Or maybe you write the wrong thing on the box that was meant for the one next to it, and now you’ve wasted a lot of time. The moving professionals know how to properly label everything, as well as keep it most organized on the truck. That makes moving it off the truck into the correct location of the new house a very simple task.
  • Extremely convenient – Having less to worry about makes moving into your new home an exciting time, instead of a stressful time. Utilize the convenience of professional movers to make your move as less stressful as possible.

Top Professional Moving Companies

All of the items listed above certainly highlight the benefit of using professional movers for any move you may have. Let them take on the stress of the move, so you can get busy enjoying your new home or office. Here are few professional moving companies that meet all of the requirements you have for an easy and convenient move:

College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving

A full-service local and long distance moving company that was started back in 2003 by two good friends who were in college at the time, College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving has grown into an extremely reputable professional moving service in the industry. They’ve even appeared on CNBC’s hit show Shark Tank, they were apart of the very first episode to ever air.

Two Men and a Truck

Over three decades ago, two young high school boys decided to start a local moving company. Over 30 years later that company has turned into both a domestic powerhouse in the professional moving industry, as well as internationally.

United Van Lines

United Van Lines can trace it’s beginnings back to the early 1930’s. For over 80 years they have been providing top-notch quality service and they have been a giant in the professional moving industry ever since. Don’t let their success fool you, they take a customer first approach and will do everything in their power to make your move as smooth as possible.

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