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Sometimes it may be the best choice for your company to uproot and move locations. It may seem like a pain, but it could help you in the long run. When you’re dealing with a business move, not only do you have to endure this, but you also have to deal with a disruption in your workflow.

You may have to reschedule meetings with clients, which could set their schedule back as well. In the move you may misplace important documents or papers that you had in a certain place, but have now completely disappeared during the transition. Relying on on your coworkers for help is a must during a commercial move.

People may groan and complain, but you are all in this together. You work with each other on a daily basis, so this shouldn’t be much different. Just remember that this move decision was not taken lightly, and it should benefit you and your company in the end.

How to Handle a Business Move

When dealing with a business or commercial move, you also need to deal with the behind-the-scenes issues. Make sure you have a lawyer or someone you trust to help you with your new lease, as well as tie up loose ends with the old ones. In addition, you will need to make sure you have your address changed by the post office, as well as inform your clients of your new address. You will also need to update your address on all your marketing pieces. It is very important that you do not send collateral with your old information, as this may confuse your new or potential future clients.

By hiring a moving service, you can avoid all the hard, manual labor that is waiting for you. You and your coworkers did all the hard work by packing up boxes and keeping items extremely organized. Having someone come in and takeover for the most strenuous part of the process can be a light at the end of the tunnel.

The professionals can carry and drive the boxes and items (including furniture) over to the new place, all while you sit back and admire your awesome packing skills. The professional company will even be there to help you unload and organize the items at your new location. Hiring a company to help is a great idea that takes a bit of weight (literally) off your shoulders.

Difference Between Business and Residential Moves

Of course, the basics of moving is all the same. Pack things up and move them to a new location. However, there is a huge difference between moving to a new house and moving to a new office. When moving to a new house, you have your personal items that affect you and your family. You could probably get most of your items on a trailer or in a small truck and make the trek. Most times, residential moves are further distances than business moves.

When dealing with an office move, the items being moved and relocated affect a lot more people altogether. In addition, an office move may require a tighter timeline than a residential move. It is also worth noting that most business moves are not as far distances as residential moves.

Most of the time, business moves are just across town. But not to be downplayed, as mentioned before, disrupting workflow can be a huge issue. Getting all your items to the new location unharmed and in the same condition is key in the moving process.

Common Options Used

Nothing makes a move more stressful when you add some distance between the old and new location. There are options out there that will safely get you and your belongings across town. Rental trucks are common if the business is handling the move themselves.

If there is a lot of office items, particularly large machines, or workstations it’s a good bet that some kind of large freight company would be utilized. Trying to cram it all in one U-Haul and making a ton of trips just isn’t ideal. Hiring professional movers with large trucks is the ideal solution when moving. It is nice to know that these people do this for a living, and know the ins and outs of smooth and successful move.

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