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U-Pack® is the residential moving and storage arm of Arkansas Best Freight (ABF), both of which are under the corporate umbrella of ArcBest Corporation of Fort Smith, Arkansas. AFB Logistics is also a corporate family member.

Website: https://www.upack.com

The parent company started in 1923 with one truck as a local freight hauler and quickly grew into a long-distance freight carrier. The residential and business moving and storage company, U-Pack, was opened in 1997 to serve customer needs and to intertwine it with using trucks from the ABF freight division.

In-Depth Look U-Pack

U-Pack specializes in moving consumer-packed goods in a “You Pack We Drive” business model. They do not rent drive-it-yourself trucks like Penske, Budget, and U-Haul do. Rather, U-Pack is value-added on top of an already existing fleet of short and long haul trucks and trailers.

U-Pack and Freight have found the optimum trailer size to be a 28-foot unit that holds 1,944 cubic feet of goods. The majority of the ABF trailers are this model and they’re operated out of over 250 locations across the United States including international trips into Mexico and Canada.

Central to U-Pack’s business model is a standardized, modular shipping container called the ABF ReloCube. This proven design holds 205 cubic feet of goods and up to 2,500 pounds of freight. The ReloCube modules can be dropped right at the point of origin, packed by the customer, then loaded into an ABF trailer and shipped anywhere in North America. Each trailer can hold nine Relo Cubes and the ability to take multiple customer moves on one trip makes this moving system very economical.

Working with U-Pack and ABF Freight, ABF Logistics assists customers with third-party services like customs brokerage, intermodal ocean, air, and rail transport, warehousing, as well as supplies and equipment for all sorts of moving applications.

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