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Self-storage rental space is widely available in every community across the nation. It’s a huge industry that’s expanding fast. Self-storage facilities are constantly under construction with thousands of new units coming into service each year.

Many older people are downsizing in their homes but not ready to part with many possessions. Younger people living in suites, condos, or apartments have limited space and need storage for seasonal belongings. And businesses, small and large, find it economical to secure self-storage units for overloads of files, records, and inventory surplus.

The cost of renting self-storage space can be far less than investing in property large enough to house a household’s or company’s total possessions. The higher purchase price of large property whether it be a building or lot, the cost of carrying capital, taxes, insurance, depreciation, and upkeep can be many times more than the monthly rental fee of suitably-sized self-storage—the fees for which can be tax deductible.

Why Use Self-Storage?

There are a number of reasons that people utilize self-storage, some of the more typical reasons units are used is for things like seasonal items, extra furniture, sporting goods and yard maintenance equipment. Indoor rental space, heated and unheated, is the most popular choice for most people however outdoor space is commonly used to store boats, recreational vehicles and personally-owned storage and shipping containers.

By carefully shopping self-storage options, many bargains and bonuses can be found. Some companies offer free initial monthly storage fees, some add the free use of a moving truck upon entering a lease, some include utilities such as lights, heat, and water, where some self-storage companies have promotional discounts for referring other customers.

Self-storage facilities are also good sources of packing supplies and shipping containers. They’re able to source boxes, plastic bins, barrels, pallets, dollies, skids, blankets, and tie-down straps. Some facilities also have a pool of moving services to draw from as well as rental trucks.

All self-storage companies offer some degree of security that may not be able to be duplicated in a home or personal business site. Some storage companies have onsite security staff as well as inside rental units and alarmed, fenced compounds with lighted perimeters and detection devices. And all self-storage facilities allow the use of personal locks where the owner has sole access.

Self-Storage Providers

A-1 Self Storage

A-1 Self Storage has been delivering the great state of California excellent self storage options since 1959. Through three generations they have continued to match their customers with the proper storage needs.

They are one of the fastest growing self-storage out west and are looking to expand while continuing to deliver customers what they want while expanding their footprint.

A-American Self Storage

Over 40+ years ago, Edmund C. Olson started A-American Self Storage. Ranging from Missouri all the way to Hawaii this company has been able to establish themselves as one of the largest and most established facilities in their areas.

Family-owned, A-American’s mission statement is simplistic, yet meaningful. “We’re Not Just Another Storage Company”. The number of their locations and the quality of their storage facilities rings quite true based upon their core value.


CubeSmart is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and been in business for over 20 years. Formerly known as U Store It, they re-branded themselves to CubeSmart in 2011.

With hundreds of locations nationwide, CubeSmart is a flexible self-storage solution for different moving purposes. They offer storage options for personal use, business use, military relocations, vehicle storage and more.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage is America’s second-largest self-storage company and is one of the few that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Behind them are a real estate investment trust fund located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Extra Space has regional offices in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Texas. They’ve been in business for 30 years and are a national developer, acquisitioner, and operator of professionally managed self-storage properties.


ezStorage opened its first location in 1987 with 700 storage units in one complex. Today it’s grown to 41,000 units of varying sizes in 45 convenient locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

They are a full-service storage company with a strong focus on customer service and being environmentally responsible. ezStorage had the first LEED-certified building in the storage industry and plans all future construction projects to follow.

Metro Self Storage

Metro is one of the oldest and largest self-storage providers. They’ve been in business since 1973 and have 101 locations primarily in California and Texas. They have an excellent reputation for security, cleanliness, and value in customer service.

In addition to climate-controlled units, drive-up access, and extended access hours, Metro has specialized areas for large items like RVs and boats.

Mini U Storage

Mini U Store is a smaller franchised chain with 36 locations in California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia. They specialize in easy access and allowing customers to come and go whenever necessary, including booking appointments.

Mini U Storage can handle everything from a small spring wardrobe to the contents of a four-bedroom house. Among the benefits of using a Mini U Storage unit are the free use of a rental truck on certain moves and the free use of shelving. Packing and other moving supplies are also available.

Public Storage

Public Storage is the largest self-storage company in the United States. They have over 2,100 locations in the U.S. and Europe. Public Storage opened in 1972 and now has over 142 million square feet of net rentable residential, commercial, and industrial storage area.

Their business affiliate, PS Business Parks, add another 28 million square feet of space to the pool and make them among the largest landlords in the world. Public Space’s huge market presence, commitment to customer satisfaction, and strong leadership are unrivaled in the self-storage industry.

Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage is a medium sized storage company with 400 locations across central, eastern, and southern United States. They have a wide menu of services from small 5’x5’ units to the largest at 10’x30’.

Many units are climate controlled for winter or high-heat, humid summer conditions. Simply Serve Storage accommodates vehicles, RVs, and boats as well as providing packing and moving supplies like blankets and dollies.

Uncle Bob’s

Uncle Bobs’s Self Storage has recently merged with Sorvan Self Storage to become Life Storage. They are fully-integrated and self-managed. They are a real estate investment trust (REIT) that sets out to position them selves as a nationwide provider that manages self-storage properties.

Between the companies, they possess well over 45 million sq. feet of rental space in 650 locations across the United States. With a continued planned expansion, they are destined to be one of the world’s largest providers of self-storage rental space.

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