Portable on Demand Storage (PODS)

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PODS® is the acronym for “Portable On Demand Storage” and is an international portable moving and storage company that specializes in supplying containers for local and long-distance do-it-yourself moves. The packing, loading, and unloading is left to the home or business owner. PODS delivers, picks up and drops off the containers at your convenience.

Website: https://www.pods.com

PODS was started in 1998 by Peter Warhurst who was exploring options to expand his family’s already thriving storage business. It occurred to him that a unique opportunity existed in the gap between supplying a company driven moving truck to transport already loaded containers back to his warehouse or to the destination where goods were being shipped, without the burden of supplying moving labor or renting out trucks to be driven by customers.

In-Depth Look at PODS

Warhurst developed three sizes of containers that are built on steel frames with completely recyclable metal wall panels that are insulated with high-density polyethylene. The PODS containers have roll-up end doors and roofs made of translucent durable polymer material that allows light into the interior.

PODS are constructed with fork brackets that allow the specially designed PODS transport trucks to hydraulically lift the containers onto the truck’s flat deck and then drop them onto the ground at the points of loading and unloading. This allows the unique and safe level entry to workers who can move goods in and out without the potential dangers of elevated ramps.

PODS are made in three uniform sizes which have been industry-proven to be the most desirable, efficient, and economical space. The smallest PODS container is 8x7x7, the middle size is 8x8x12, and the largest is 8x8x16 feet. Customers are charged according to size, the distance of the move, and the duration that the PODS container is rented out.

Since 1998, PODS has grown to have over 150,000 moving and storage containers, 2,000 delivery trucks, and in excess of 200 franchised dealers across the USA, Canada, and Australia. PODS logs 2,500 deliveries per day, all of which are tracked by a GPS computerized inventory system. In expansion, PODS has partnered with Mayflower Moving and Storage and United Van Lines.

The PODS brand and business model was recently purchased by the Ontario Teachers Federation pension fund for $1 billion.

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