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ABF ReloCubes are a patented, portable moving and storage container offered by ABF Freight®. Both are subsidiaries of ABF Freight and ABF Logistics which are part of the Arkansas Best Freight (ABF) system. All are owned by ArcBest Corporation which got its start back in 1923 at Fort Smith, Arkansas as a one-truck freight hauler.

Website: https://arcb.com/abf-freight/resources/abf-relocube/

The ReloCubes are a brilliant design. They’ve proven that one universal-sized portable moving and storage container can serve the broad needs of householders and businesses. These portable containers handle most items imaginable and are capable of holding up to 2,500 pounds. The interior size is 70” x 82” x 93” (DWH) which calculates to 305 cubic feet of storage space.

In-Depth Look at ABF ReloCubes

ABF ReloCubes are constructed of steel and composites making them extremely durable and entirely weatherproof. When off-loaded from the ABF delivery truck, they sit flat on the ground which allows easy level access through the side doorway. There is no danger from an inclined ramp or power lift and the cubes fit compactly in the same space as a standard automobile parking stall.

The ABF cubes are delivered to the customer’s destination by an ABF driver who later returns to pick-up the cube, or cubes, depending on how many are required for the job. ABF does not supply packing, loading, or unloading labor of the cubes but like most modular moving and storage competitors, ABF provides materials and assorted moving equipment through its affiliate, ABF Freight.

Once the ReloCube is filled, the owner places their own lock on the door and maintains it throughout the remainder of the move. ABF will then truck the cube directly to the relocation point or has the ability to indefinitely store the container at their secure warehouse facility in one of over 250 locations across the USA or Canada.

AFB ReloCubes have helped move over 850,000 families in their thirty years of operation. The cubes have traveled an estimated one billion miles and, today, are tracked with a sophisticated Global Positioning System (GPS). As a testimonial to the success of the innovation and durable design of ABF ReloCubes, some of the original cubes built in 1997 are still in active service.

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