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Moving trucks are available nationwide from many rental suppliers. They are the most common form of do-it-yourself moving transportation for short distance household and business moves. Rental trucks are commonly used in long distance, continental moves as well.

If you’re thinking of using a rental truck, then here are some of the important points to consider when deciding on the type of rental truck to select.

  • Who is the most convenient rental truck supplier
  • What size of truck to rent
  • What the total rental cost will be
  • What are the overall cost extras—daily rate, mileage, etc.
  • What fuel it consumes
  • What the fuel costs may be
  • What fuel capacity it has
  • What licensing requirements are necessary
  • What the insurance policies are
  • What the clearance height is
  • What the maximum loaded gross vehicle weight is
  • What the drop-off and return conditions are
  • What damage deposits are required
  • What potential repair burden may be

Loading and Unloading Your Moving Truck

As with the size, type, and supplier of a rental truck, it’s important to consider details involved in loading and unloading the rental truck in relation to the overall cost of the truck rental and the size of the mover’s budget.

It takes physical ability and an experienced knowledge to load a moving truck in an efficient and economical way. Often, do-it-yourself movers rely on volunteer help who may or may not have the abilities to do the job properly. It may be beneficial to hire professionals to supply the help in loading and unloading the truck and do the driving of the rental truck yourself.

There are other factors to consider in deciding how to load and unload a rental truck.

  • Knowledge to pack a truck properly to prevent damage
  • Physical ability to properly lift to prevent injury
  • Right equipment like dollies, hand trucks, skids, and blankets
  • Speed and efficiency in relation to rental cost of the truck
  • Time allotted for overall move
  • Location of load and offload
  • Overall budget for move

Top Rental Truck Companies

There are three prominent moving truck rental companies in the country. They have nationwide outlets that allow pick-up and drop-off in hundreds of locations. This saves considerable time and expense in having to return the truck to its point of origin, particularly in a long distance move across the state or inter-state.

Budget Truck Rental

Budget Truck Rental, owned and operated by the Avis Budget Group is arguabley U-haul’s largest competitor. They operate through both corporate-owned locations as well as dealer locations. Budget has made many changes in order to close the cap between themselves and the U-haul giant. Over the years they have become much more competitive and are increasingly being praised for their service and well-maintained fleet.

Penske Truck Rental

Penske Corporation is the parent company of Penske Truck Rental. The company was actually founded and started by auto-racing legend Roger Penske. They are one of the largest nationwide providers of truck rental services with over 226,000 trucks across North America.


U-Haul is the largest and easily one of the most recognizable and most well-known truck rental companies in the US. The company is owned by both AMERCO and the Shoen family. L.S. “Sam” Shoen founded U-haul in the mid 40’s and the family remains involved. With nationwide locations and multiple vehicle offerings U-haul continues to dominate the moving truck rental market.

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