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Cool Box Portable Storage® is a family-run containerized moving and storage business operating in six southwestern states with their head office in Tucson, Arizona. Cool Box was started in 2007 and has grown to operate in 21 locations, offering a simple and economical alternative to modular moving and storage.


Cool Boxes have an insulated construction that keeps them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside environment. They are built in three standard sizes. The smallest is  7x8x12, the next is 8x8x1, and the biggest is 8x8x20. These designs have been proven as the most beneficial sizes for their do-it-yourself customer market and keeping the sizes universally consistent contributes to economies of scale.

In-Depth Look at Cool Box Portable Storage

Cool Boxes are excellent storage containers for the owner-packed, residential or business move. The Cool Box warehouses are large open facilities as opposed to being the complex, expensive structures of typical self-storage units. A small forklift is all that’s needed to load and unload the Cool Boxes from the company supplied transit truck and then position the boxes in the Cool Box warehouse where they can be easily accessed by the owners when needed.

The Cool Box Portable Storage website gives 5 reasons why their system makes moving easier and less stressful:

  1. You take your time loading and unloading — it’s done at your convenience.
  2. Cool Box brings the container to you — you have no need to rent a moving truck.
  3. You can store a Cool Box at your own location — or you can have it warehoused.
  4. Cool Box is more affordable than standard moving and storage options.
  5. Cool Box containers are insulated — they protect your goods from the weather.

Visit Cool Box Portable Storage’s website for a comparative chart about their Cool Box economics compared to their main competitors like the industry leader, PODS. The website also has excellent information on a frequently asked question (FAQ) page as well as their rates, locations, and contact numbers.

There is also a graphic display on how the Cool Box Portable Storage modular moving and storage system works.

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