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Broadway Express® is a specialized high-end, high-value moving company based in Effingham, Illinois. It is a branch of Griffith Trucking and was started as a one truck operation by Tony Griffith in 1974.


Griffith expanded his local fleet then bought the existing Illinois company, Bekins Van Lines, in 1988. He also bought the Yellow Freight Terminal in Effingham and blended the two businesses, catering to all types of residential and business moving needs as well as long-distance freight moving.

In-Depth Look at Broadway Express

Recognizing a specialty niche in the moving business, Griffith formed Broadway Express to service the Hollywood celebrities and film production companies as well as sensitive moves for high ranking military personnel and national politicians. Satisfied clients over the years have been Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Hope, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and residents of the White House.

Sensitive and extremely valuable cargo requires an expertise far above the needs of average residential and business moves. Broadway Express utilizes an air-ride suspension system in all their trucks and trailer which gives a much softer ride than conventional spring suspensions. The quality of Broadway Express’ transport trucks and trailers greatly mitigates any potential of damage to delicate film and hospital equipment as well as to priceless artworks belonging to wealthy clients.

Additionally, Broadway Express has developed an expertise in crating and packing unique items which require imaginative and innovative methods of ensuring a safe arrival. They’ve crafted methods of moving entire movie and TV Production sets like American Idol and the X-Factor and they’ve safely and securely delivered hospital MRI machines, huge gun shipments, art shows, helicopters, and even animatronic dinosaurs.

As the national leader in the transportation, distribution, and logistics of high-value products, Broadway Express has built a reputation of finding better ways of safeguarding priceless assets. They are also capable of securely handling long-term storage needs in their Effingham warehouse which is carefully climate controlled.

Broadway Express has proven to be the go-to mover for presidents, the rich and famous, and is well known for delivering musical and theatrical equipment for plays on Broadway.

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