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UPakWeShip® is an American-based, international shipping company with main offices located in the United States and Europe as well as having dealer agents across North America, South America, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia.

Website: https://upakweship.com

It’s the self-packing division of EuroUSA Shipping and is part of the EUROGROUP. They specialize in overseas moving whether to or from the US, between European countries, or intercontinental around the world.

UPakWeShip was started in 1988 and has been in operation for 28 years. They are world leaders in the self-moving business and focus on residential moves where they supply specially designed and proven containers to their customers who then do their own packing and place their goods into a crate supplied by UPakWeShip. The crates are shipped from the customer’s vacating residence and delivered right to their next home then left for the customer to unpack.

In-Depth Look UPakWeShip

UPakWeShip is innovative in the design and application of their containers that are patented under the name “U-Crate”. The crates are built of corrugated cardboard and come in three standard sizes best suited for residential needs — a 50 cubic foot, a 100 cubic foot, and a 200 cubic foot. The next size up is a 280 foot that’s made of plywood due to the heavy load it’s designed to accommodate. All the U-Crate containers are designed to be moved by a forklift.

The company also provides a pallet-only service for customers who have smaller loads and their own means of containment. For overseas shipping, UPakWeShip utilizes standard-sized “sea-can” shipping containers in 20 and 40-foot lengths. All of these containers are provided by company dealers at their national and international locations.

As part of its exceptional customer service, UPakWeShip has dozens of packing, storage, and moving tips for international moves. Here are some of the tips they provide:

  • Bicycles: Wrap bikes in old blankets and pack them in a bike box which can be obtained at a bike store.
  • Books: Pack books separately in smaller boxes to distribute the weight.
  • Kitchenware: Wrap dishes and kitchen utensils individually using paper or bubble wrap.
  • Lawn Mowers: Drain all fluids to prevent leaking.
  • Rugs: Roll all rugs and secure with tap.
  • Screws and fasteners: Create a box designated loose parts used for assembly.

The website has much more information on how to load the patented U-Crates for maximum efficiency, how to secure a load on a pallet, and even how to load a sea-can.

UPakWeShip has a highly efficient and accurate estimating system that is available online or by telephoning one of the service representatives. Rates are determined by a lump sum per cubic yard basis and in accordance with the distance to be shipped. They have different rates for air freight as opposed to road, rail, or sea. All shipping quotes a free of charge and guaranteed to be accurate and honored.

UPakWeShip also provides some of the best content insurance in the international moving market. There are three plans, bronze, silver, and gold that offer different coverages based on the customer’s preference.

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