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The professional moving industry is a huge economic generator. According to an IBIS report, it’s estimated at $17 billion annually and accounts for over 40,000 moves yearly across the nation as well as internationally.

Moves are classified as either short distance moves or long distance moves, with a distance of under or over fifty miles. Three-quarters of moves are short distance, relatively simple moves with the majority being within the same county, the same city, the same complex, or within the same building. Long distance moves are more complex and, as a result, are costlier. Working with professionals is always a great idea, if you’d like more information and a free quote, we can help with that.

  • There are a number of services that are available to you for your next move. Learn more about the different types of situations where help is available to you.



Types of Services Available

There are a number of options when choosing from moving labor services. Many short distance moves are done by the individual with a bit of help packing, loading, and unloading from friends and family. More often then not, they just rent a truck, trailer, or storage container and then they do the packing and lifting themselves, moving their belongings from one location to another. 

Long distance moves are usually handled by professional moving and freight companies who look after most of the moving process. This is due to both the number of items being transported as well as the great distance that is being traveled. For many people it doesn’t make sense to handle on their own.

Services Provided by Professional Movers

Here are more details of the services provided by a professional moving companies as well as some of the different situations that they can provide professional help and assistance in.

  • Moving Furniture: Movers who specialize in transporting furniture can be essential in any move. They properly store your belongings in trucks, take them to the new location and then carefully unload and place them in a timely and safe manner.
  • Packing Help: This is usually the most overlooked part of a move. People like to just grab what’s in front of them, toss it into a box, tape it up and throw it into the truck. But, there is a better way! Professional packers are efficient and can save you so much time and stress.
  • Local Move: These make up the majority of moves that take place every year. Typically, you’re able to move the majority of your smaller items but might need movers to load and unload the heavy items like furniture and appliances. You have volunteers like friends and family that will help, perhaps professionals might make sense instead.
  • Long Distance Move: These types of moves don’t happen as much, many times the distance between moves is too far to enlist local volunteer help. So seeking out professional movers who know how to make these treks easy is probably something you should consider.
  • Military Move/Relocation: Also referred to as a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) military families and service members move 10 times more then the average civilian or their family does. The military requires certain procedures that must be followed to the letter when moving.
  • College or Dorm Move: Students may have limited belongings and limited funds but still need help in transportation. Additionally, for many students this is their first time out on their own and are stressing about a hundred other things they have on their mind. We make the process easy as we go over how to make your new semester a smooth transition.
  • Business or Commercial Move: Business moves are huge undertakings for any company, no matter how large or small they are. It’s very common for businesses to stay in their leases or current location because they hate the thought of having to uproot and move their entire operations to a new location. It won’t be easy, but we cover some cool ideas on how to smooth out a business or commercial move.
  • International Move: Moving across town or one city over can be challenging enough, making an international move can definitely pose more challenges. Depending on what country you’re moving to can easily change what you should expect. Knowing the costs of these moves and the different international options available to you can be a huge step in the right direction.

Planning Your Move

When planning a move, it’s always beneficial to take time and plan the process. There are so many different options and services that are available. If you have a general idea on what it is you think you need, then we can certainly help guide you on your path to your new home or place of business, making your next move easy as pie.

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