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Freight moving companies provide a transportation service only. They generally specialize in long distance shipping of goods, whether it be a storage container packed with household belongings destined to another state, vehicles or machinery being shipped in addition to residential or business moves. Freight moving companies can also be used to ship sea containers destined for an overseas weigh point.

As a rule, freight companies do not supply the actual containers that items are shipped in, nor do they supply the packing, loading, or unloading labor or materials. What freight companies do is receive already packed or prepared shipments at their point of origin and transport the goods to a final destination.

While freight companies do not load the actual container, they do the heavy lifting onto a flat deck or into an enclosed trailer and mechanically unload it. The receiver then takes over the remainder of unpacking and other tasks that go along with a move.

Why Use a Freight Moving Company?

Freight companies like Mayflower, ABF U-Pack, and Broadway Express are becoming increasingly popular with customers who prefer to do their own packing and loading into a shipping container and attend at the destination to take over the unpacking.

Using freight company services eliminates the need to rent a moving truck and for the homeowner to drive it themselves. This is especially efficient and economical in several situations: large shipments, small shipments and flexibility in shipping schedule.

Drawbacks – The Need for a Flexible Schedule

A drawback to using a freight company is their difficulty in adhering to a strict schedule.

Because freight companies ship so many goods to so many different locations, they must stack their loads and plan their routes according to the most practical layout and schedule.

Loads being shipped to the furthest point in the truck’s destination will be dropped off last making them susceptible to possible delays due to driver mileage restrictions, weather implications, and unforeseen events. Having a flexible shipping schedule is necessary for working with a freight moving company.

Loading and Unloading Times

Even if using a freight company to ship household or business items, the responsibility to load and unload the storage or shipping container falls on the property owner. The owner must arrange for the packing materials and labor as well as filling the container.

Containers are measured in volume and in length, both being proportional to each other. Based upon certain lengths of containers, there is an industry average estimated time it takes to load and unload a shipping unit. Loading always takes more time than unloading due to the decisions necessary to be made in effectively stacking and securing the goods.

Freight Moving Companies

ABF U-Pack

ABF U-Pack is a long distance freight moving company based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and is the residential moving division of the large freight company, Arkansas Best Freight, which was started in 1923. ABF U-Pack specializes in a fleet of 28-foot, enclosed trailers that offer many affordable moving options for do-it-yourself long distance moves.

ABF U-Pack can supply transit-only services to pick-up and drop-off containers, accommodate other companies’ shipping containers, or provide specialized units compatible with their trucks. ABF U-Pack has over 250 locations nationwide.

Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines is was originally founded in 1928 to help reduce the number of trucks that were being operated without having shipments loaded up onto the trucks.

Eventually the company was reorganized as a publicly traded company in 1968 and would go onto become the large freight moving service that we know today. Allied provides services for all types of moves and can assist with local as well as international moving situations.

Broadway Express

Broadway Express is a division of Griffith Transport and caters specifically to long distance residential moves. They’re based in Effingham, Illinois, and ship anywhere in North America.

Like ABF, Broadway is a freight-only company and does not supply packing, loading, or unloading materials or labor. Broadway Express price loads based upon consumption of length in their trailers. Available space starts at 10 feet and goes to 53 feet. Broadway offers heated storage for loads in transit and also moves automobiles and recreational vehicles.


Mayflower Transit, LLC, is a full-service moving company founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1927. It’s one of the oldest and most trusted long distance moving companies. Mayflower has hundreds of agents and thousands of vehicles in over 271 locations across North America and can ship belongings to anywhere in the world through its network of international contacts.

While Mayflower can provide everything required in a residential and business move from packing to loading to unloading, its core business remains as a long distance freight company.

North America Van Lines

Established in 1923, North American Van Lines, or North American, as most people call them, has been an industry leader in large freight by providing excellent customer service and ensuring high quality standards.

Whether you need help packing or moving heavy items, the professional movers at North American have plenty of years of experience and tools to get your items to their new location without a problem.

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