Hiring The Best Long Distance Moving Company

Preparing for a long distance move can be much more difficult than organizing a short haul across town or even within the same housing complex. There is less you can do yourself given the logistics of dealing with a distant location where you can’t rely on a local network of friends and family to help you. That’s when you’ll consider hiring a long distance moving company to take over.

Long distance moves are generally categorized as being 50 miles or more from your current location. That includes out-of-town, county, state or even a move that takes you international. There are more time and expense consumed in a long distance. It’s only natural that you’ll want to conserve these valuable resources. To do so, it’s helpful to have some tips on hiring the best long distance moving company.

Tip 1: Hire a Reputable Moving Company

This is the basic principle in selecting a long distance mover who you can rely on to handle your belongings in a safe and respectful manner. A reputable moving company has spent years building their reputation by faithfully serving customers. In return, they’ve earned trust and it will show through testimonials from satisfied people.

Tip 2: Look for Recommendations

Reputable moving companies will have many sources you can get recommendations from. The best is always word of mouth. Ask your friends and family who they’d choose or who they’ve worked with before. Your co-workers may offer their suggestions on who you should hire. Equally important, they may tell you who not to hire. Also consider online reviews are there a number of sources you can check out these days.

Tip 3: Find Out What Services are Offered

Not all long distance moving companies are equal. You move may have some specific requirements such as interim storage or a remote location. Make sure the moving company you’re considering hiring is capable of handling your move. Ask if they have the right equipment and facilities. Most important, make sure they can deliver to your new area and not have to sub-contract it to a specialized moving company.

Tip 4: Compare Prices

Long distance moving is expensive. Your move is going to require many components to be successful and you’ll have to pay for it. That’s fair but you shouldn’t overpay. Most moving companies won’t post their pricing on their website but they’ll eagerly give you an estimate or a guaranteed cost once they’ve had an opportunity to assess your specific needs. It’s wise to compare three companies and determine what you think is fair pricing.

Tip 5: Get It In Writing

All reputable long distance moving companies will give you a written quote on what your move will cost. They may be willing to break down your estimate into options such as packing, loading, shipping, unloading and even unpacking and placement of your things. It’s one thing to get a written estimate, though. An estimate is usually an educated guess. You’re best to have that written amount guaranteed. It’s good business practice and great insurance against unpleasant surprises.

If you find a reputable long distance moving company that comes highly recommended, has the services you need and gives you a competitive cost that’s guaranteed in writing, that’s the moving company to hire.

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