How Can I Make Moving Easier?

Moving is one of those aspects of life that most people dread. They anticipate all the challenges, struggles and the inevitability that something, somewhere along the line will not go according to plan.

But, what makes moving so hard is what leads to the question, “How can I make moving easier?” Well, there might be a simple answer – become more motivated to move and to make it a more enjoyable process.

With that in mind, here are four pieces of advice on how to make your move easier by increasing your motivation and getting you into the moving mindset.

1. Make a Music Playlist

Music is a tremendous but overlooked motivational tool. It’s why upbeat tunes are played at the start of a workout and slower tunes take over to cool you down. You can do the same for your move.

Playlist #1

Download some dance music in a genre that you like and make one playlist for yourself while you’re organizing and packing. Yes, organizing. It’s the biggest secret to successful and stress-free moves. This makes boxing-up, labeling, loading and unloading those boxes so much easier when you move them and when you unpack your items at your new home.

Playlist #2

Make a second playlist for unwinding. These tunes might be more relaxing but still have some kick. Something psychological happens in your brain when you listen to music. It works to energize you, help you focus and lower stress.

2. Use the Moving Van App

Believe it or not, there’s a moving app. It’s called Moving Van. This cool little tool lets you track exactly what’s in each of your packed boxes. It allows you to snap photos as you fill up your boxes and store them on your phone.

No more stressing about forgetting which items are in which boxes. Moving Van also has a search feature that lets you look for that misplaced book, sculpture or maybe even that missing sock. You can easily download Moving Van from the Apple App Store and start prepping for your move today.

3. Make a Junk Food Bar

This tip goes a long way with your friends who “volunteered” to help you on moving day. Set up a junk food bar and serve them free snacks like pizza, chips, gummy bears, candy bars and maybe even some beer or a glass of wine.

If you have time and want to get creative, why not make your own junk food? Check out these 21 great recipes at Serious Eats and that are sure to make your mouth water.

4. Use a Bribe Reward

Here’s one for you and you alone. Bribe yourself into becoming more motivated by taking a stress-relieving treat at the end of your move.

Maybe it can be a day at the spa. How about just a pedicure or a deep massage? It could even be a nice bottle of Pinot Noir to help sit back and settle into your new home.

So who says moving can’t be fun? Moving stress is what you make it. Remember, do whatever works for you to make your moving easier. And here’s some parting advice. Keep calm and move on.

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