Are There Seasons For When People Typically Move?

People move throughout the year, for all sorts of reasons. But are there seasons for when people typically move? There certainly are! Let’s break down the most popular moving seasons and explain some of the reasons they exist.

Summer: The True Moving Season

The summer months are by far the most popular months of the year for a move, for numerous reasons:

Home Sales & Purchases

As temperatures warm up and people begin to venture forth into the world, the real estate market heats up with an onslaught of listings. The vast majority of people who want to sell their property will list it in the spring, as this aligns with the time of year when most buyers start to seriously consider making a purchase. After the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed on the contracts, people typically move as quickly as possible, putting their preferred relocation dates smack dab in the middle of summer.

Summer Vacations

For families with children, summer is the most logical time of year to move. Children on summer vacation already disrupt the neat and tidy routines of the school year, often requiring extra parental supervision. The break in between grades is a logical time to relocate kids who will be attending new schools entirely.

The College Crowd

Like their younger counterparts, college students also have the summer off. Whether they are heading to higher learning for the first time or simply taking a break in between years, summer is the most likely time of year for American students to choose a new home and endure a college move.

Military Reassignments & Job Changes

The military plays a significant role in the U.S. “moving season”. Every summer, hundreds of thousands of military personnel receive new orders, often involving a relocation and a military move. This results in a reshuffling of assets across the nation, requiring families from every corner of America to pack up and head to new cities.

While the military is the largest single employer to move resources in the summer, many other employers also choose the summer months for job reassignments.

Fantastic Weather

And finally, the summer simply has great weather. It makes it easier to offload junk through garage sales, and the task of packing up an entire lifetime of belongings somehow seems less formidable alongside clear skies and sunny dispositions.

Winter Moving Season

By contrast, winter is the slowest moving season of the year. School is in session, jobs are typically locked in, the weather gets nasty, and people simply don’t want to relocate. The winter is easily the least desirable time of year to move, but that doesn’t mean everything comes to a halt. People’s lives carry on all year long and there will always be people who end up moving during the winter season.

Spring & Fall Moving Seasons

The spring and fall can be active seasons as people come out of hibernation and tie up loose ends, respectively. While not as busy as the summer, the shoulder seasons receive the overflow of the summer moving season and can end up surprisingly busy.

Scheduling Your Move

Given the choice, the absolute best time of year to schedule your move is in the middle of the week, during the winter, fall or spring months. If you can’t move during the off season, schedule your move ahead of time. Professional Movers and truck rental companies often book their busiest dates several months in advance. Securing your spot early can help ensure a stress-free move.

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