What Types of Professional Moving Services Are There?

Not all moves require the same level of service. Each person or family will have different needs when it comes to hiring help for their next move.

Thankfully the moving menu is a la carte. In other words, you can choose the exact moving labor service you need or you can select any number of moving options to personally tailor your move. Let’s look at the most popular professional services.

Local Moves

The bulk of moves handled by professional movers are called local moves. These are generally within the same city or county and can be done in a short time with smaller vehicles and limited laborers.

Companies who handle local moves can supply services across the board from a do-it-yourself rental truck to a full-service move where they pack, load and unload your goods. In most local moves, you’ll likely select a combination of services that include truck rental, limited labor, packing supplies and sometimes storage facilities.

Long Distance Moves

Long distance moves are less frequent. They’re defined as out of county or interstate moves covering hundreds or thousands of miles. Because of the distance, using volunteer help or operating your rented truck can be impractical.

It’s also not efficient or economical to handle a long distance move on your own. Large freight moving companies can accommodate your complete move. They can pack, load and unpack from door to door, from your old home to your new home.

International Moves

International moves can be logistically difficult, costly and time-consuming. Most companies that offer international moves specialize in this business and have worldwide connections to handle freight moves and the complicated documents that go with them.

Handling an international move on your own is not wise. You’ll be far better off in contracting a professional moving service that is experienced in overseas or intercontinental shipping.

Business and Commercial Moves

Moving commercial products or business contents between old locations to new ones is a specialized service offered by some moving companies. Business moves are usually time sensitive where the goods have to be packed and moved under a tight schedule so business downtime is limited.

Business and commercial moves have their challenges. Office equipment and manufacturing machinery are complicated to transport. In these cases, you can employ business and commercial moving services.

Military Moves

The United States military is a huge employer that often transfers their service people over long distances and often internationally. They’re referred to as Permanent Change of Station (PSC) moves and are paid for by the government.

There are provisions for military members to do their own moves but where whole households need shipping, professional moving services will get the contract.

College and Dorm Moves

There is an entire segment of the industry dedicated to helping college students relocate between places. Students may leave the family home or a shared apartment and move into a dorm during a semester.

Then they’ll make another move during the break where they need to transport belongings or put them into short-term storage. Professional services for college students include providing supplies, labor, rental vehicles and storage units.

Knowing What to Do for Your Situation

Whatever your moving needs are, there are plenty of professional services to fit your needs. If you you’re feeling overwhelmed and you need help, then get in touch with one of our moving consultants and figure out what you need or don’t need for your next move.

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