Finding Moving Labor — Where to Start

If you’re planning a move, one of the biggest things you’ll need is physical help. No matter how much of a do-it-yourselfer you are, having help with lifting and loading will make your move enormously easier.

Finding moving labor, especially labor at an affordable price can be challenging. You might be fortunate and have friends or relatives who’ll help, and you might be able to pay them in food and refreshments, but that’s only going to get you so far at the end of the day. What are you to do if you’ve got a long distance move or you have to move on a day in the middle of the week where most friends and family are working. This begs the question – Where do you start finding moving labor?

Start Your Labor Search From Solid Sources

The best source comes from reliable references. You need to be careful who you select to move your valuables. Careless help can result in damages that will cost more in repairs than in spending the extra and hiring professionals. Worse, your belongings could be vandalized or even stolen. That’s highly unlikely to happen if you hire moving labor from an established moving company. Check with your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors, find out who they refer or have possibly used in the past.

Search Online

In today’s digital world, many people start searching for moving labor online. It’s a good source of leads for locals in your town and it will open doors so you can get quotes and options. All reputable moving companies will have an online presence as well as convenient connections to ask about moving labor and other services. It’s best to contact at least three companies so you can be assured of getting competitive rates and that they’re available on your moving date.

Know What It is You Need and Are Looking For

Make sure you know exactly what you need before contacting a moving company. That will make both your job and theirs much easier. Most moving companies have multiple services to offer. Before calling a mover, consider these options you may need.

  • Labor only where you can hire workers to load and unload while you supply the truck.
  • Hiring a moving company to supply labor and a vehicle while you do the packing and unpacking.
  • Contracting with a full-service mover that provides a complete package including labor, materials and transportation.

Be careful about placing online ads requesting moving labor. You don’t know who’s going to answer. All reputable moving companies will provide you with trustworthy and capable people to do your labor. Their workers will be pre-screened for criminal records and substance dependencies. Their labor force will also be covered by insurance like workers compensation and remove you from liability should someone get hurt.

If you hire labor directly, make sure you have a firm payment agreement in place before they start. You need to know how they expect compensation, whether they’re paid hourly or by piecework, and if they have reduced rates for downtime or travel. Also, beware of cash deals. That usually spells an under-the-table deal that could cost you more than hiring from a reputable mover who has a contract and gives receipts.

Remember, your belongings are precious. You want them moved by experienced workers who’ll give them the care your valuables deserve. To be safe, make sure who you’re hiring for labor is associated with a reputable moving company. You won’t be sorry.

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