How to Get a Moving Quote

When you’re planning your move, you’ll likely be spending considerable time checking out moving services and comparing prices. You’ll likely also find some cost differences or variations between what different moving companies offer. One of the best ways to know what value you’re getting for your dollar is to compare quotes.

But how do you know what’s equal when you’re doing the “apples to apples” test? One company might be full service and include everything from packing to unloading. Another might just supply a truck with a driver and helper, expecting you to have everything ready to go. Other companies might quote you a la carte pricing with various options. And some moving companies may only serve a local area and not handle long distance moves.

All this can be very confusing and lead to frustration. The fear of unexpected expenses can also be stressful when you’re quoted one price and delivered another. The best thing you can do to make your move as financially stress-free as possible is to understand exactly what services are being offered and for how. And you also need to be assured those figures are guaranteed.

So What Exactly is Meant by a “Quote”

A “quote” often means an “estimate” or a “ballpark” figure. You might be given a rounded number to solicit business and get you committed only to later find that many things like packaging, moving equipment and mileage is extra.

A “guaranteed” price is a different matter. This is a quote where the company assures you will be charged a certain amount for specified services. That might be all-inclusive or individually itemized so you’ll be able to make a conscious, informed decision on how to best spend your money. You’ll know exactly what’s being included and what’s not.

When you’re quote shopping, make sure you ask the moving company for guaranteed pricing. It’s perfectly acceptable to get your entire pricing quoted up front and have the provider guarantee their fees—in writing. This way you’ll have documentation to back your position in case of a misunderstanding or disagreement. It’s far better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some of the main points to cover in getting your moving quote.

  • Exactly what services are provided such as packing, loading, storage, shipping distance and unloading
  • Whether accessories like packing supplies and dollies or lifts are included
  • If labor is charged by the hour or at a flat rate
  • How the mover bills for distance charges
  • If there are any surcharges like fuel and taxes
  • If insurance is provided or available
  • How damage or loss resolution is handled
  • What the payment terms are

Getting a guaranteed quote will be no problem if you’re dealing with a reputable mover. Good professional movers are established leaders with experience in all types of moves. They will be transparent in giving you a moving quote and will stand behind their figures.

One other helpful tip in getting a moving quote is to use our free moving quote service. Simply fill out the online form and you’ll get an honest quote from a reputable mover.

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